From August 2014

199€ 3D printer challenge – stepper motors arrived

The parts sourcing for the 3D printer challenge is almost complete - the stepper motors arrived today! In fact I ordered A batch from China two weeks ago but they have not yet arrived - so I checked the prices from Watterott and they were really reasonable. Only downside is postage which is usually free when ordering from China. I was pleasantly surprised to find put that the motors have a D-shaft and are the same Pololu steppers sold elsewhere with a much higher price tag. Price: 13€ a piece  
longer leads would be nice
stepper motor – brown paper bags
stepper motor – brown paper bags
these are pololu steppers
another angle

199€ 3D printer challenge – RAMPS 1.4 and display arrived

The 3D printer challenge is coming together quite nicely - today the RAMPS 1.4 controller board and the display board arrived in the same package. RAMPS 1.4 board was nicely packaged in a cardboard box - only negative thing was the power transistor leads which were left uncut and would most probably have short-circuited the Arduino MEGA. Also the solder job looks a bit shady - well what would you expect for 9€ worth of electronics =) The display / controller board looks OK to me - it came with an adapter for RAMPS 1.4 board so connecting is a breeze.