From September 2014

Olimex A20 OLinuXino MICRO board first boot

I have been scouting for a suitable SBC for some client work and came across Olimex A20 OLinuXino MICRO. The board is a bit pricey (55€) but does pack some serious punch. Getting the board to boot was a bit more complicated compared to - say a Raspberry Pi, but was completed after carefully reading the manual (RTFM does work). Some findings which may help someone - these apply for Linux image which can be downloaded from the Olimex website Read more

Super interesting Raspberry Pi clone discontinued

I have followed this Raspberry Pi clone for a while now, the form factor is awesome and you can use LiPo cell to power it. Super! Already ordered a few samples for a mobile project and eagerly waiting for them to arrive. 201407222013337548               From the product pages


ODROID-W is a miniature computing module which is fully compatible with all software available for the Raspberry-Pi.The W stands for:
    • Wearable device development
    • Widely applicable Internet of Things (IoT) development
    • Workable DIY electronics prototyping
Too bad they have decided to discontinue it after the initial batch. Nothing to reveal the reason behind this decision, just a short announcement in product page. EDIT: the announcement has changed Not recommended for new designs. Broadcom informed us that they will not accept our order of the BCM2835 SoC anymore. When the first trial batch is sold out, you can’t buy the ODROID-W anymore. Sorry for the inconvenience. This is really bad news - does raspberry pi foundation feel their IPR violated? Why would Broadcom deny to sell their chips to any interested party? link to Odroid product page: